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Mail-ul zilei

Cum stateam eu si nu-mi vedeam capul de atata treaba la birou iata ce mail primesc :

From Miss Ada Emillia Fr­om Venezuela See­king For Fund Manager
investment Parter.
Hello Dear, I saw your company profile,email address and decided to contact you over this transaction on investment deal if you will welcome me and wish to work with me as a partner. It is highly confidential and secret to be keep.
This investment is beyond exchange of email correspondence and will be glad if a meeting will be scheduled to enable you see everything with your eyes and know what we are discussing as there is a lot of unscrupulous message on the internet, I will be glad if a meeting will be arrange to meet face to face over this deal.
My name is Dr. Mrs. Ada Emillia Ahmed Bin Venezuela Citizen married to Libyan and wife of late Retire General Ahmed Diko Bin, who was shot dead during the civil war in Libya. ,My late Husband was Financial adviser and business associate with oil minister in connection by Mr.Saif Al-Arab Gaddafi that deals in Crude Oil lifting, Gold Dust/Gold Bars situated in Tripoli-Libya. I was married with 6 kids,two boys and four girl.
I lost my two daughters during Libya War last year. it was a terribly situation for me and my Family Right now in the desert. I am interested to invest in your country,company and if you are willing to proceed with me kindly get back to me now. Actually,My husband and I are high net worth investor in Libya through the assistance from Late Libyan President, may his soul rest in peace.
We are looking for a viable venture we can invest into and relocate out of Libya since the current crisis is still lingering and opposition are still hunting for Gadaffi friends and associate and we came across you in the course of our research Kindly email to us an executive summary of your business if you are interested, We have Gold Dust 250Killos and 150Kilos of Gold Bar currently in Ghana and need buyer, are you interested for it.
Can your bank account receive the sum of $40Million?
Your indication of interest to this great opportunity proposal shall be highly appreciated,
1…Do you have the Ability to help us handle the fund?
2.. Do your account have the ability to accommodate the fund?
3.. The fund is completely out of Libya?
4.. What is your nationality?
5.. What is your position in your company?
6.. What area of investment do you think this amount will be invested?
7.. Have you received money overseas before?
8.. What is full your name
9.. What is your phone and mobile,fax.
10..Do you know or have idea of Gold Bar,Gold Dust?
11.. Do you know any buyer who can travel down to where the Gold is
lodged to enable him see, pick up sample straight to the refinery to
confirm the purity before discussing on the affordable price to be
12.. The quantity is valued 125 Kilos Gold Bar which was moulded in A
kilos each and 250 Kilos of Gold Bar.
13 . Do you want us to start on the issue of the transferring of the
money $40Million first or Are you ready to get the person that will
buy the Gold Bar and Gold Dust.

Email ( infoada@superposta.com )

Best Regards,
Dr. Mrs. Ada Emillia

Eu acum ce sa fac? Spuneti-mi voi. Nu-i asa ca suna interesant? Oare sa-i ajut? Sa le dau contul meu? Parca mi-ar sta destul de bine cu banutii astia in buzunar. 🙂 Lasand gluma la o parte, am cautat pe internet cati oameni “au marsat” la acest mail si spre surprinderea mea am constatat ca sunt foarte multi. Oare cat de credul mai poti fii in anul domnului 2012? Va las pe voi sa raspundeti la aceasta intrebare.


Toata lumea se uita la seriale. Inclusiv eu. Problema este acum urmatoarea. Au aparut atat de multe seriale interesante incat chiar iti trebuie timp sa le urmaresti pe toate. Un film bun il vezi in 3 ore si gata, dar unele seriale dureaza, plus ca un episod tine maxim 42 minute. 🙂 Dar hai sa fac si eu un top cu serialele pe care le urmaresc :

1. Grey’s Anatomy
2. Criminal Minds
3. House
4. The big bang theory
5. Fringe
6. The mentalist
8. Terra Nova (serial nou, o combinatie intre Lost, Jurasic Park si Avatar)
9. Two and a half men
10.How i meet your mother

Mai sunt vreo 3-4 seriale dar acestea sunt cele mai importante.


Mi-am luat aparat foto. Nici vreo noutate in domeniu, nici cel mai performant, din contra. Ceva oldies, ceva vintage. Sunt super indragostit de el si abia astept sa-l scot “la plimbare”.Functioneaza cu film. Da da, cu film din ala clasic cu 36 de pozitii. Nu poti face poze cu el decat la lumina zilei. E nascut in 1970 dupa cum scrie pe el. E nascut in vechiul URSS. V-am facut curiosi? Iata si poza cu el. V-am pupat!

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